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Kennel construction.

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watch this space..
We have three litters expected  in 2018


have been mated and we are just waiting for conformation, and should be due to whelp in March
these pups have names on them

Pedigree of Rain and Hudson Litter


Rosegreen High Flying Adored (AI)  

 hips 5/4 elbows 1/0


Alibren Arturo (UK)

hips 6 /5  elbows  0/0

Eng Sh Ch Tesoro De Ria Vela for Thornywait (IMP ESP)(JW)
hips 5/7 0/0
Alibren Midsummer Breeze (UK) (JW)
hips 7/4
Emilia Rose of Rosegreen

hips 1 /1   elbows 0/0
Rossbourne Nicolas (IMP UK) 4/2 0/0/
Brandeston Custard  4/4 


Gofetch Rainbow Catcher  

 hips 2/3 elbows 0/0

NZ Sh Ch Gofetch Storm Chaser 

hips 1/1 elbows 0/0


Gofetch Kissed By An Angel  
hips 0/0/ elbows 0/0

Gofetch Zacharah
hips 4/3 elbows 0/0
NZ Sh Ch  Honeyglen Heavenly Kisses at Gofetch 
hips 1/2 elbows 0/0
NZ Sh Ch Kavandale Take A  Chance On Me 
hips 5/4 elbow0/0
Arongolds  Late Arrival At Gofetch 
  hips11/12 elbows 0/0



Has her boyfriend lined up and just has to pass her final health tests .. all fingers and toes are crossed ..once she has passed I'll pop that up  the sires pedigree 

Pedigree of Gofetch Keeper of Secrets (Kudos)

NZ SH CH Gofetch Storm Chaser

hips 1/1 elbows 0/0 



 Gofetch Zachariah hips

 3/4 elbows 0/0

NZ SH CH Inniscroft Diamonds 'R Trumps
Gofetch late Arrival at Gofetch 
NZ SH CH Honeyglen Heavenly Kisses at Gofetch
hips 1/2 elbows 0/0
Pamgavin Maritime Saga of Vanrose
Cambermere Summa Zoe


NZ SH CH Gofetch Elegant Ambrosia 

hips 1/3 elbows 0/0

NZ SH CH Kavendale Take A Chance On Me (AI)
hips 5/4 elbow 0/0
 AUS. SH CH Dream Max Grandmother's Prospect (imp SWD)
NZ SH CH Hawkwood Iduna
Gofetch late Arrival at Gofetch 
NZ)hips 11/12 elbows 0/0
Aust SH CH Golden Rose-Bay's Drummerboy ( imp Belgium) (imp Aust)
NZ SH CH Arangolds Never Say Never

Will be our last litter for the year and this will be our winter litter..I love winter litters

Pedigree for Jessie and Zeus pups 

SIRE        ZEUS

 NZ SH CH Gofetch Storm Chaser

Gofetch Zachariah

NZ SH CH Inniscroft Dimonds 'R Trumps
Arongolds Late arrival at Gofetch

NZ SH CH  Honeyglen Heavenly Kisses at Gofetch

NZ SH CH Cambermere Ezra Holy Whisper
Honeyglen Annabella


NZ SH CH Gofetch Elegant Ambrosia 

NZ SH CH and SPECILITY CH Kavandale Take A Chance Me 

AUST SH CH Dream Max Grandmother's Prospect (imp Swe) To (Aust)
 NZ SH CH Hawkwood Iduna (NZ)


Late Arrival at Gofetch (NZ)hips 11/12

Aust CH Golden Rose-bay's drummerboy(IMP BLG) (imp NZ)

NZ SH CH Arangolds Never Say Never (NZ)



Echo and Ely
 echo 5

Pedigree for Echo and Ely puppies


 NZ Sh CH Kavandale Take AChance Me (NZ)

Hips 9 total

elbows 0/0 

 eyes Clear

Dream Max Grandmother's Prospect (imp Swe) To (Aust)

Dream Max Paridise Apple (Swe)
Dream Max Nini Ricci (Swe)
 NZ Sh CH Hawkwood Iduna (NZ)Eng Sh Ch Stanroph So It Had To Be (UK)
Hawkwood Wife of Bath (NZ)



Late Arrival at Gofetch (NZ)

hips 11/12

elbows 0/0

eyes clear

Aust CH. Golden Rose-bay's drummerboy(IMP BLG)

ENG SH CH Goldenquest Ambassador (UK)
Espressivo V D Beerse Hoeve (BLG)
NZ Sh CH Arangolds Never Say Never (NZ)NZ SH CH Tahamero Pips Buccaneer(IMP AUST
NZ SH CH Arangolds Prima-Vista(NZ)


Arongolds Late arrival at Gofetch*
**Kavandale Take a chance on me


2013 we had

Azra and Willow

Pedigree for Willow and Azra puppies


NZ Sh Ch Cambermere Ezra Holy Whisper (NZ)


 hips4/6     elbows 0/0      eyes clear                        

Pamgavin Saga of Vanrose (imp uk) NZ

hips 4/5                                      eyes clear

Eng Ch Stanroph Sailor Boy (imp UK)
Pamgavin Shelrick Exceller
Cambermere Summa Zoe (NZ)

hips 5/4     elbows0/0       eyes clear
Stanroph Spring Worrior of Vanrose (imp UK)
Mcilroy Rhaposdy in Blue (NZ)


Gofetch Spell-Bound (NZ) 

hips 7/9

elbows 1(a) /B

eyes Clear

NZ CH Inniscroft Diamonds R Trumps (NZ) AUT NZ SH CH Kapala Lochinvar (Aust)
Charterhall Silver Rose
Arangolds Late Arrival at Gofetch Aust Ch Golden Rose-Bays Drummerboy (imp Blg) (Aus)

NZ Sh Ch Arangolds Never Say Never (NZ)

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